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It is long gone when social media was an uncharted territory explored by few of us. Today everyone (and everything) is on social media: going from food and fashion influencers, to prime ministers and activists, passing through media outlets and newspapers. Especially for this last group, Instagram has become an important platform to share quick news and engage with their readers in a more personal, direct and unfiltered way. We witness a shift of how news is produced and consumed: users tend to follow and engage with thematic channels and content instead of generally looking up for news. Content has to be brief, impactful and easy to understand. How can we bring data visualization to Instagram? What are successful aesthetic choices and tools to stop our social media readers from scrolling further? “Instavis” is a laboratory for data journalism done on Instagram. In cooperation with the newspaper taz, we will devise and design concise and effective visualizations on the climate change crisis. You will learn how to create pointed visualizations in limited interface space for limited interaction time.


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Wintersemester 2021 / 2022


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