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InfoVis Reading Group

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Every other Tuesday, 14:00-17:00 s.t.
First session on 20 Oct 2015

Reading course on advanced topics in information visualization.

Since the early 1990ies the academic field of information visualization has evolved into a mature research community that is concerned with the design, development, and evaluation of interactive visualizations providing a great basis for designers to create effective data visualizations. The latest visualization research connects especially well with contemporary topics of interface design such as storytelling, data journalism, generative art, natural user interaction, science communication, and digital humanities.

Conceptualized as a self-organized reading group, this seminar provides a platform to read and discuss current academic publications about information visualization. Students are encouraged to select the readings according to their personal interests and apply the insights to their own visualization projects. The goal of the seminar is to critically engage with academic literature, transfer innovations and insights to practical design work, and devise ideas for new research projects.

Students will actively participate in seminar discussions, share short reading responses, and write a survey paper on a current research topic related to information visualization.

Please note: The language of teaching for this course is English. All communication during lectures and seminars as well as literature and auxiliary materials will be in English.

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