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Analytical Sketching at Potsdam

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Analytical sketching is a method to document an inspired understanding from direct observations and analysis of an architectural environment through freehand sketching. It is focused on nurturing students' capacity to capture the cause-and-effect relationships between observed built environments and user behavior through freehand drawing, serves as a way to visually think and analyze design. It contributes to evolving various tools utilizing freehand drawing within the design thinking methodology for ideation, definition, development, and testing in the iterative design thinking process. To this end, this workshop aims to develop students' ability to think three-dimensionally in architectural design through analytical sketching and to further integrate the acquired skills into the design thinking process.


Perspektiven und Social Skills

24PSs-HT-S Handwerk/Technik (60h)

15PSs-PW Projektwochen

15PSs-FM-S Flex-Modul (60h)


Sommersemester 2024

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