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How To Found A Business: Writing A Bankable Business Plan


Develop your business idea to a business concept!

This course aims at experiencing what it means to run a business in all its facets. You develop your business idea that further will be developed to a marketable business concept. The meaning of entrepreneurial spirit will be discussed and you have the opportunity to reflect yourself with regards to your skills as entrepreneur. You also learn how to develop an organisation and how to finance your future business. This class will finish by proving your business concept to be economical.

The template of a bankable business plan will work as structure concerning class contents: business idea, value proposition, entrepreneurs, market analysis, marketing mix, organisation strategy, milestones, SWOT, financing, calculation of liquidity needs and profitability.

Questions with regards to Aufenthaltstitel for self employment can be clarified as well.

This course is designed to be very interactive. Lecture starts with a pitch of your business idea.

Regular participation is required in order to be able to support each other. The lecturer Anett Lommatzsch will present new contents. Students are able to work in groups or develop their own business concept by using creative methods and management techniques introduced by the lecturer. Students will present their results regularly during the course.

Official language is English.



13Th-DMR Designmanagement und -recht


Sommersemester 2023


Dienstag, 10:00 – 14:00




Haus 4 Raum 1.02