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InfoVis Reading Group

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Information visualization (InfoVis) is the dynamic field of research and design concerned with the conception, development, and evaluation of interactive and visual representations of data. InfoVis research provides a great basis for designers to create effective data visualizations. Recent InfoVis research connects well with contemporary application areas of interface design such as data-based storytelling, generative art, science communication, digital humanities, and critical design.

Conceptualized as a self-organized reading group, this seminar provides a platform to read and discuss current InfoVis papers. Students are encouraged to select the readings according to their personal interests. The goal of the seminar is to critically engage with academic InfoVis literature, transfer insights to practical design work, and devise new ideas for future research projects. Students will actively participate in seminar discussions, share short reading responses, and write a survey paper on a current self-selected research topic related to InfoVis.



22Th-DMT Design- / Medientheorie

Design Master

32TE-WD Wissenschaftsmethodik + Designforschung


Sommersemester 2023


Dienstag, 14:00 – 15:30


Survey paper and short final presentation