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Data Visualization

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This course is an introduction to the field of data visualization that is concerned with the visual analysis and interactive representation of abstract data. Across various spheres of everyday life there is an increasing need to develop effective methods for making sense of data and inform personal and professional decision-making. The aim of data visualization is to utilize the perceptual system to help detect otherwise invisible aspects and gain new insights into data sets. From urban planning and news media to arts and advocacy, there is great hope in the power of data visualization to represent complex issues in an informative and engaging manner. While visualizations can indeed provide novel perspectives on large data sets, they can also obscure or misrepresent certain aspects of a phenomenon. It has become essential for information professionals to develop a critical literacy of data visualization.

The aim of this course is to familiarize students with the principles and methods of data visualization and to enable them to design, implement and deploy visualizations to support a range of information practices. Each session of the course will consist of two parts: a lecture component and a tutorial. During the lecture the fundamentals of data visualization will be covered such as mapping data to visual variables, the role that interactivity can play, and techniques for visualizing temporal, geospatial, multidimensional, relational and textual data. The tutorials will be hands-on sessions that complement the lectures with practical activities and assignments involving data analysis and programming. Each student will apply general visualization principles to the creation of a data dossier about a topic of their choice. The course requires basic knowledge of statistics, data structures, and algorithms. At least some prior experience in programming is advisable.

Please note: The class will be taught in English. All communication during the seminars as well as literature and auxiliary materials will be in English.



12EId-AD Algorithmen + Daten


Sommersemester 2023


Dienstag, 14:15 – 17:15




Haus 2 / 210