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Mapping Zebras - Project Documentation

This project is about visualizing contrasts on a map.



I wanted to visualize how the rivers in Germany are getting impure. And focus on the contrast between spacial reasons, industry, sewage plants and bigger and smaller rivers.


In the beginning of my research I was pretty optimistic to get fast and actual data.

But I was absolutely wrong...

I found a lot pdf files, round about 120 pages, written in flowing text where is detailed explained how the water quality in each part of each river in Germany is.
I had a lot phone-calls and email-conversations with Federal Offices to find a responsible for one of these pdfs or documentations. Obviously nobody is responsible for nothing...

Another Problem was to compress the geodata of the rivers in Germany because of uploading problems with 3.5GB.
Websites like mapshaper were usefull doing this.


I visualized this project on cartoDB.
The color of the rivers shows the level of impureness. The brighter the color the better the quality. From light green best quality to green to blue the most impure water.
I changed the color of the rivers in css by hand, because i did not get the data in a table sheet.
I marked in yellow the biggest industry areas in Germany to compare their position to the water quality nearby.


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Prof. Dr. Marian Dörk Alsino Skowronnek Dr. Till Nagel

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Mapping Zebras – Visualizing spatial contrasts with open data and web maps


Wintersemester 2015 / 2016