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Multi-Sensory Museum UX

Service Design – 21st Century Museum Experiences in cooperation with „The Märkische Museum“ Berlin.

Enhancing the entrance experience to each exhibition, we are collaborating with the Berlin City Museum to create a fully immersive and accessible multi-sensory info station.

Project Info

The museum strives to involve people, be open and transparent, and work closely with diverse communities. This contributes to promoting human dignity, social justice, global equality, and the wellbeing of the planet. 

Before generating ideas, we organised several global workshops in Germany, Israel as well as Taiwan in collaboration with history and art-focused schools. These workshops specifically included students with cognitive disabilities, all aged around 16, from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Currently, we're in the process of finalizing the concept for a multi-sensory information station. This innovative station utilizes AI and NFC technology to automatically create a personalized information display. Additionally, it includes features catering to individuals with visual impairments, such as 3D printed models and audio guides facilitated by directional speakers.

We've carefully considered factors like table height and screen angles to ensure accessibility for wheelchair users. While we've made significant progress, we're still fine-tuning the station to handle situations with a larger number of users simultaneously and ensuring smooth transitions between personalized interfaces.

Our hands-on involvement in this transformative project has allowed us to contribute directly to the realization of the museum's new vision and align with the principles of creating innovative and inclusive cultural spaces.

The opportunity to be part of reshaping the Märkische Museum strengthens me in my enthusiasm to impactful projects that contribute to the cultural fabric of our communities.

The image below, generated with midjourney, is a prototype that only serves to vaguely visualize the current state of concept.


Project Development

Cultural Probs & Co-Creative Workshop 




Project Presentation

final-presentation_info-station.pdf PDF final-presentation_info-station.pdf

Add-On Presentation: Accessibility in Design

In-Person Presentation by Ariel Khait and Lilly Stöckle on the 9th of November. 



Art des Projekts

Studienarbeit im zweiten Studienabschnitt


foto: Prof. Reto Wettach

Zugehöriger Workspace

21st Century Museum Experience: A Service Design Approach


Wintersemester 2023 / 2024