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Murals & The Walls

Social Design for The City of Tomorrow, I put my time and my observation more deep into my city, I have looked at every aspect of the city, at the beginning of the class, I was a kind of lost, but through the process and all the assignments I got from this class, my view was narrowed and has more clear direction where I'm going into.

Design for the social city of tomorrow

Since I always have been interested in the street arts, I started to think about what can I do for the street art for the Social city of tomorrow?

I decided to create some platform for the street artist so they won't lose their graffiti/murals that have been painted on city walls and removed as times going. This creates opportunities for the city to take this project as their new tourist attraction for the city urban cultures. 

So this outcome solve the problem between the city and the street arts, so it would be more beneficial for both sides, there is no disadvantages anymore if the city and the artists working together as one to invite the third party in this case is commercial works.

Final Presentation.pdf PDF Final Presentation.pdf

Homeworks and Call For Actions

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3rd Homework.jpg3rd Homework.jpg

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Reflections and Feedbacks


Learning Diary

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Personal Reflection

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