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Amazon Border

Amazon Border is a Digital Readymade made from Razor-Blade
Nato-Wire that is connected to an Arduino Board and an Ultra Sonic
Range finder to detect a persons movement and trigger audiofiles.

I. ASSIGNMENT II Digital Readymade

This project was created during the second assignment
of the class Postdigital Strategies [in Art and Design]
The task was to create a digital readymade.

The term readymade or found object was decisively influenced
by Marcel Duchamp.

„Found object originates from the French objet trouvé, describing art created from undisguised, but often modified, objects or products that are not normally considered materials from which art is made, often because they already have a non-art function.“

In this specific task, we as participants had to create a readymade that operates with tools and aesthetics of new media.


Nato-Wire 50m diameter 45cm barbed wire safety security
object protection 0.32 € / m. Average customer rating 5 stars.

Protect your property. Our NATO-Wire provides efficient protection.
The razor sharp blades of the locking wire got a strong deterrent effect and a hindering function for trespassing.
The total length of the roll is 50 meters.

The need for national security and security of the own property
becomes an uprising market again, the European Union spends billions every year securing its external border.

Borders are build again and expanded, as on a large scale so in small,
even private individuals increasingly tend to use professional border
fortification for property protection.
Above all manufacturers of fences and border installations, which are
often offshoots of the armaments industry, benefit from this trend.

The so-called NATO wire as well as other parts of professional border
facilities can now be easily ordered online and even enjoy an increasing popularity and five-star-rating on Amazon.

The border becomes commodified, but how does this transform the border
itself and it’s authority and indisputability?


First steps to make this project work was of course to find the object of desire and purchase it on Amazon.
This was really easy because as said before that nearly all kinds of border fortifications are easiely purchasable for anybody and totally cheap.

Beautiful product staging by Amazon


The Idea was to put this Object in a commodified and idolised scenario to exeggerate the commodification already done by Amazon and merge this reallity with its orign, it's original field of application.

In order to clarify the origin of the object, we decided to incorporate the authentic sound of it's actual environment or field of application into the installation. In this case it's the actual sound recorded from various
European mainland borders, for exampled the spanish enclaves Ceuta and Melilla but also Hungary and others.
All sounds where found on the Internet und edited by us.

To create a more or less realistic sound environment, we decided to work with an ultrasonic range finder connected to an arduino board.
This allows us to detect the movement of persons that approach to our installation and move next to it.

the closer a person walks to the installation, the more dramatic is the situation in which they find themself and thus the sound which is played.

To make this possible we had to learn how to programm an arduino board and how to make it interact with processing.
Thanks to Magdalena Kovarik, Marian Dörk and a few others for helping us out.

Examples of the code we used and produced for the Arduino and the Processing part.


The last part was to set up the final installation and make it work, this means to secure the razor blade wire with two thin other wires to keep it from falling over to one side an hurt visitors but also to give it its flawless and commodified look.

To underline this we decides to use a podestal, which was also a very
important decision for us because it reinforces the impression that
this is a readymade.

The ultrasonic range finder also hat to be tested and modified inside the final exhibition room.

The object itself is exhibited together with the product photography
containing the artikel on amazon, the bill and the comments on
this product.



Art des Projekts

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Prof. Dr. Marian Dörk Magdalena Kovarik

Zugehöriger Workspace

Postdigital Strategies [in Art and Design]


Sommersemester 2018