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ALIN - Personal Posture Physiotherapist

Across the globe, millions of people suffer from postural imbalances, which can lead to chronic pain, physical limitations, emotional frustration, and overall well-being challenges. We invite you to join us on a journey of transformation, where we will explore how an innovative solution can eliminate postural imbalances, empower individuals, and improve their quality of life. Our goal is to develop an AI-based posture guidance app. Platform's primary objective is to provide users with seamless fitness companionship that fits right into their lives.

Assessment Prototype

1st Pitchdeck - 25/05/2023

Service Design – Alin P1.pdf PDF Service Design – Alin P1.pdf

2nd Pitchdeck - 22/06/2023

Service Design – Alin P2.pdf PDF Service Design – Alin P2.pdf

3rd Pitchdeck - 13/07/2023

Alin_3rd Pitchdeck.pdf PDF Alin_3rd Pitchdeck.pdf


For testing the App, we created a Website and used Google Ads, the Website will be Online for a short Time, check it out if you like:

Conclusions: What is left to be done

1. Research and Product Development

  • Conduct comprehensive research on the physiotherapy market, including target audience, competitors, and industry trends.
  • Identify the specific pain points and challenges faced by patients and physiotherapists in tracking and monitoring exercise progress.
  • Develop the core concept and features of the AI tracking app, considering features like exercise tracking, personalized routines, progress monitoring, and feedback mechanisms.

2. Prototype and Testing

  • Build a functional prototype of the AI tracking app that demonstrates its key features and user interface.
  • Conduct usability testing with a diverse group of physiotherapists and patients to gather feedback and iterate on the design.
  • Implement necessary improvements and modifications based on user feedback to enhance the app's usability and effectiveness.

3. Data Integration and AI Development

  • Establish partnerships with physiotherapy clinics, practitioners, or healthcare providers to gain access to relevant exercise data and medical guidelines.
  • Develop algorithms and machine learning models to analyze exercise movements and provide real-time feedback to users.
  • Train the AI system to recognize proper form, detect errors, and suggest corrective actions based on best practices in physiotherapy.

4. Regulatory Compliance and Security

  • Ensure compliance with relevant healthcare regulations, data privacy laws, and medical device regulations, if applicable.
  • Implement robust security measures to protect users' personal health data, ensuring confidentiality and integrity of the information shared within the app.
  • Collaborate with legal and compliance experts to navigate the regulatory landscape and obtain necessary certifications or approvals.

5. Launch and Marketing

  • Prepare a comprehensive marketing and launch strategy to introduce the AI tracking app to the target market.
  • Develop a strong branding identity and create compelling marketing materials, such as a website, social media presence, and promotional campaigns.
  • Collaborate with physiotherapy clinics and healthcare professionals to promote the app, leveraging their networks and expertise.
  • Continuously gather user feedback post-launch to fix eventual bugs and iterate on the app's features and functionalities to enhance user experience and meet evolving needs.

Most important Learnings:

Less is more.

If it exists, do it 10x better.

Prove it works.

Focus on the most valuable aspects.

Focus around new technology, use it as tool.

Thanks to Mauro Rego, for his highly valuable Expert feedback and Reto Wettach for all the up-to-date input, directing, help, feedback and inspiration!



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