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Embracing Authenticity in a World of Conformity.

Embracing Authenticity in a World of Conformity.

An innovative bold title for a magazine about being yourself.

Lilly Stöckle ✱ ChatGPT

About the magazine

Originally wanting to design a personal diary using my own handwriting and keeping it as authentic as possible, I quickly realized how scary being vulnerable can be.

Procrastinating the whole semester I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So I thought of alternatives. How could I design and print a booklet sharing my own thoughts without loosing control? Finding inspiration in latest AI tools I got the idea to ask ChatGPT - a text-based dialog system that uses machine learning to generate a response to your input. Meaning that I gave the AI a general idea about what I wanted my diary content to be about and using the generated answer as a result.

But is artificial intelligence really capable of authentically conveying human emotions?




Printing process

Producing the magazine through a small publication allowed for a cost-effective and creative approach, where self-printing and binding were put to use. The pages were printed on high-quality paper using FHP's digital printing lab after which they just needed to be trimmed to the final format of 180 mm x 230 mm and bound in the bookbinding workshop. The inner booklet was stitched using a classic thread binding method, while the outer cover was affixed to the back of the last page using bookbinder's glue.



Research study

The question of whether AI is capable of conveying human emotions is a complex and ongoing area of research. While some systems can recognize and respond to emotions, replicating the full range and nuance of human emotions remains a challenge.

Take part in the study via the google doc linked below to let us know your own thoughts on the ability of artificial intelligence to recognize, respond and replicate human emotions.

Links & Downloads

View the PDF file here to get a better look at the project and share your own thoughts using this Google-Document.



Fun fact: even the background image is AI generated using OpenAIs webtool DALL·E

Input: A grainy textured blurred background image using bold colors.

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Studienarbeit im ersten Studienabschnitt


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Wintersemester 2022 / 2023


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