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SHOTVIEW Artists Management

Praktikumsbericht bei SHOTVIEW.

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My Expectations for the internship were that I would do a lot of design work, more into graphic design, motion design & web design. since there were not a lot of companies offering these 3 factors, I had to look further and put aside my expectations.

It was hard to decide and apply on which companies I should apply to because most of the companies needed either one of the works I wanted to do for my internship.

The time limit was one of the factors to push me further to my decisions, and in the end, I applied to companies that offered either graphic design or Webdesign.


Feb. 01, 2021, was the beginning of my journey to finding an internship, there were a lot of companies that were offering internships, but finding one that I wanted was a challenge.

I applied to 5 Companies, sending my Application including my website, CV, and cover letter. After 2 weeks, I received an offer from 3 companies and I decided on one company that I found interesting.

On Feb.25.2021 the interview with Shotview went well, I had a good conversation with the Director. During the interview, I had to present my portfolio, showing what I had done so far, and I had to answer questions about fashion and design.

After a week which was Mar.02.2021, I received the final approval, and on Mar.05.2021 I had to come to the office, I signed the contract, and on Mar.22.2021, I started working there as an intern.


SHOTVIEW represents an exclusive and diverse group of image makers working in a range of creative disciplines. With offices in Berlin, Paris, and Vienna, we are operating globally, representing over 35 photographers, directors, stylists, hair and make-up artists, and creative directors.

Founded in 2002 - our drive is the passion for Photography, Documentary, Film, Fashion, Lifestyle, Photojournalism, Styling, and being able to inspire and connect clients with the perfect unique artist, that fit creative goals and different fields.

With nearly two decades of supporting Artists, our Agency is more than a traditional photography Artists agency. We grow more and more as a creative network, representing strong individual creatives by realizing incredible content, images, and films.


I Received 3 internship offers and it was hard to choose. but I decided on going further with Shotview because they offered some opportunities that I would like to experience. since they are a company that specializes in fashion, I would like to see how a graphic designer works in a fashion company.

The graphic design itself is a broad term, but in this case, I was thinking more about editorial, print, and website design. these 3 factors met what Shotview needed at that time, they wanted someone who can do 3 of these tasks, and I felt that I was able to do these tasks, and also I wanted to improve my skills in web design.


It was a paid internship, and I was not expecting any salary but they planned me monthly 450 Euro as my salary. My working hours were Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 until 18:00 including smoking and lunch breaks.

During the pandemic, we had to work in the office with requirements. We had to do the covid test every morning before we sit down at our table to go on working. It was understandable since I also rather work in the office because then I could use their iMac & the server, which is faster to do the daily tasks.

The office provided us with a coffee machine, soft drinks, and snacks that we could use, the company also provided things for vegan people, which showed some great respect and care for the workers.


Every morning I woke up at 7 took shower and hop on my bicycle, from Rote Kaserne where I live, I rode my bike to Potsdam Hauptbahnhof which normally took me 15 minutes, and hop onto the Regional Bahn.

It took around 50 minutes til I arrived in Alexanderplatz, and from there I rode my bike again to the office which took me around 5 minutes. grab some bread before going in, and made some coffee before starting the day.

Often our boss Kozva bought us bread and sweets in the office, so most of the time we always had good snacks during our work hours, which I found nice and brought a good mood to work.

Every morning I had to report the daily tasks to Kozva, there we talked about the daily Instagram posts, newsletters, website updates, and portfolio updates from our artists for the clients.

Once a week I had to prepare printing & design postcards for the clients. During lunchtime which was always around 13- 14, we often ordered some food from either Lieferando or Wolt.

We ate our lunch, drank some more coffee had conversations, and back to work. Before the day ended, we always sat down and talked about things, just having conversations before we all went back home. from the office back home, it took me always around 1.5 hours til I arrived and rest for the next day.


From the first day til the 7th day, was my time to get used to the workflow and daily tasks that I had to do, it was not easy in the beginning but got used to it.

The daily tasks were editing photos and videos for the social media posts, managing and updating the website daily, designing a newsletter for the clients, and editing our artist’s portfolio to send to the clients.

Preparing the artist’s portfolio for the pitch is going in a more editorial direction because preparing the artist’s portfolio includes choosing the photos, making the template, and choosing fonts that could go well with the whole mood of the portfolio for the pitch.

The visual of the pitch itself depends on what clients we want to get, for example, Balenciaga and Nike are super different in moods and visual style, so I had to arrange it so the portfolios for the pitch met what the client wanted to have.

Managing social media is one of my favorite works to do, this included editing videos with after effects, we created a lot of videos with photos series in them, and we also had to follow the corporate identity of the company and be creative.

We had a small booklet and postcards for the clients, so my work was to design the postcards and also the template for the booklets, it had some typography work and also color work, the most fun was going to the printing house and seeing all the cards and booklets printed out of the machines.


I learned a lot of things that were not only focused on the design area, it was also focusing on how a person functions in an office, this consisted of time management, organization, communication, convenience, cutting-edge, and many more.

For the design itself, I learned how to communicate our design, how to create a visually appealing design for a certain targeted group, how to be more conscious about small things to prevent failures, and how to accept feedback and develop ourselves from it.

Time management is also one of the crucial things I learned from the internship, on how to manage your work and make sure it won’t overlap each other in the sense of working on tasks, failure is also something you have to go through to know better.

From the technical view of the design itself, I learned a lot of new things, for example, I had to use some programs which were out of my comfort zone, and I used mostly adobe creative clouds for the work.

For the sake of time limit to make things faster, I had to use the keynote for an urgent presentation, or I had to use some GIF converter website to create GIFs faster than normal, of course, the output wouldn’t be the same but for the sake of urgency, these new tools were necessary.

















Sometimes expectations and reality didn’t meet the way we thought, but at last, we got to learn what we needed the most, and we got to learn how it felt working in an agency works.

It was not all about what we wanted to do, it was all about sharpening our skills and providing what we could for the company, it was fun and interesting.

Stressed days made me occupied, stressed days means a lot of work, but since we worked in teams, it was bearable, it felt like going to war with your friends and having a talk at the end of the day about the war.

Day by day I had to learn new things, and new skills, in terms of communications skills, time management & workflows, these skills could not be achieved if it wasn’t because of the internship.

The internship kept me occupied and drag me away from depression, it kept me sane if I had to be honest, I felt like I had a grip on my life, I felt like I finally could provide society with my own skills, and I finally could put use the things that I learned from the university, applied it in real life.

After the internship days were over, I felt grateful but also empty at the same time, 40 hours a week was exhausting but fun, and I felt like I lost something, but I will keep going on to keep me sane.

Since the internship was over, I stay in touch with the people from the office, they threw a farewell party on my last day there, and the boss gave me some gifts which reminded me of my days there, it was great working with Shotview. I wanted to give my thanks to Kozva, Lan, Muge, Maika, Tom, Anette, and all the people involved in my internship.

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