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Situated: A psychogeographic mobile app.

Situated: A psychogeographic mobile app.

My contributing project for the course »Public Displays«

Situated: is a mobile app based on the theories of the Situationist Internationale. In this sense, the app aims to expose merely functionality-oriented individual movements in urban space, provoke psychogeographic re-experiencing of accustomed environments, and construct situations to merge art and everyday life.

Situated: constructs a pattern from the user’s long-term movements. It tracks locations and respective movement velocities. The resulting map illustrates where the user is frequently commuting without ever stopping by and exploring afoot. Along these routes, the user is provided with suggestions for places to visit.

Upon arrival, the user is invited to make a certain contribution to the place. Among the possible invitations are directions to take pictures of certain objects or of themselves write descriptions of the place or an aspect of the place choose songs from the user’s music library to listen to and then describing aspects of it.

A contribution unlocks the place’s »secret« about that kind of contribution. The user has now access to all consistent contributions to the place.

Selected contributions can be broadcasted anonymously on public transport that is passing the according places.

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Monika Hoinkis

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Wintersemester 2011/2012