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Human bees

Climate street games

Human bees

Goal of the game

The main goal of the game is to educate the players and use the fun game to teach important facts about bees such as:

  • The importance of bees in our ecological cycle.
  • The work of bees and the pollination process.
  • How humans actions endanger the bees, harm their habitats and food sources.

The players, who will play as bees would experience the “dangers” and challenges that bees goes through and hopefully develop compassion and awareness to the subject.

Content of the game

In the game the players are playing as the bees against the “evil human” who tries to stop the bees with different obstacles that reflect on ways that the human endangers bees in real life.

The goal of the bees is to survive, pollinate flowers, and dodge the natural and the human made challenges.

Background research

A big part of the curse was research in the Kiez it self, at home and work with professional biologists. A big part of the research was to finds the connections between different spices and how they affect and profit each other. Staying true to the facts and Combining real information and facts into the game was the biggest challenge, but at the the game successfully provide direct and unconscious information about the bee subject.

Game design and sketches


Game rules

The game starts with a short background story to clear the goals and add some quick and simple facts about the bees Background story:

welcome to the world of the bees. The bees are known for being hard and dedicated workers, they have important roll in our ecological cycle, they spread pollen from flower to a flower and help plants to reproduce. The flowers are the food and the habitat of the bees. So while playing this game and having fun we will also learn about how hardworking and dedicated the bees are and we will also learn the challenges the bees face.

The goal of the bees: - Spread the pollen between all the flowers - survive and come back to the bee hive safe

The goal of the human: - Stop the bees

How it goes: The bees are standing on the start line and the human stands on the other side with his back to the bees, and turns around randomly. *the bees can only move when the human is not looking. *the bees can only move between the flowers.

To win the bees need to spread the Pollen between all the flowers. *there are 3 or 4 types of flowers and pollen can be moved only between same type of flowers.

The bee need to flip the pollen cards to discover if it’s a pollen or a dry flower - If the flowers is dry the bee goes back to the start - If the bee is spotted by the human while moving the goes back to the start.

The human can challenge the bees by landing a construction site on one of the flowers and so making it impossible to step on.

The bees win when all the flowers are pollinated and all the bees are safe in the bee hive.


Below you can find a layout of the game area,

The players need to draw with chalk :

- The start line 

- Three pairs of flowers (different shape and colours)

- a bee hive 

- a spot for the human 

Items: (could be drawn on cardboard)

3 pairs of pollen with the colours of the flowers, only on one side

3 dry flower cards, that look like pollen.

Construction site card / stone


Reflection and Evaluation

The game went through a lot of changes and modifications, sometimes to make it more educational and sometimes more fun and we’re glad to say that the end result is a perfect balance of both.

Although it’s important to say that the main message of the game is only transferred fully when the players learn some background story and facts at the beginning of the game (read background story)





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