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Dlf Audiothek App Redesign

Dlf Audiothek is an original application of Deutschlandfunk (German public-broadcasting radio station) and provides access to its audio content, as well as to their two other public radio stations: Deutschlandfunk Kultur and Deutschlandfunk Nova. My goal was to redesign the app. Specifically,I had to identify user pain points and improve their user experiences. Thus, I decided to focus on redesigning 3 app’s pages: Explore, Programs, and Search.


Pain Point: Feed Customization

The Explore page is where users are supposed to get program recommendations based on their preferences. However, the Dlf app doesn’t provide any possibility to customize this page. So, users need to scroll through the page to find a topic or a story that they are interested in.

Proposed solutions:

  • More user customization options such as like, dislike, save, and mute.

  • Navigation bar for all topics for more easy access.


Pain Point: Choosing Broadcasting Radio Station

The Programs page contains programs from three radio stations sorted alphabetically, as well as provide s a list of different episodes filtered by topics. 

Proposed solutions

  • Navigation between radio station at the top of the page


Pain Point: Blank Search Page

I also decided to move a list of topics to the Search page. The search page could be a perfect place for finding new topics and episodes to listen to.  Unfortunately, users are only able to use a search bar on the existing page. I decided to move the topic content from the Programs page here.

Proposed solutions

  • A trending topics section and topic categories for users to discover more topics and episodes to listen to.

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