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Project documentation for „Das bewegte Plakat“


Our first assignment was to pick an existing poster and animate it, utilizing means and skills available to us. This was my first attempt working with Adobe After Effects. 

The poster of my choice was 'Consonanze' by Swiss graphic designer Bruno Monguzzi.

This assignment helped to get acquainted with AE interface, basic tools and just get a grasp on the animation process in general.


For purpose of this course I decided to create a set of promo-posters for a fictional party of a very much existent web-magazine „Nothing but hope and passion“ (

While working on my project I was inspired by ascetic designs of black-and-white Swiss posters and decided to create my posters in a similar visual key.

Below my first animated drafts can be seen.

From the drafts shown above, I found only the 3rd one to be deserving of further development. In addition to this, I wanted to make a poster with a symbol of vinyl record as a central piece.


During this course I acquired valuable skills working in Adobe After Effects and learned basics of motion graphics. The theoretical part of the course was also very rich and helpful in development of our projects. I also appreciated the fact, that not only professors could provide useful tutorials on how to work with different motion graphics tools, but other participants of the course could also share their knowledge and skills with the rest of the class, who weren't that experienced. In general I really enjoyed the course and the challenge it sometimes provided.

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Wintersemester 2019 / 2020