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Remixing Sanssouci: Empty Plinth

A Project that turns a forgettable object into an Art experience


As we did the Walking Project through Park Sanssouci, we suddenly found an area where there is four of empty plinths. We thought it was a little strange for a place like Park Sanssouci to have something that seems „abandoned“. We knew at that point we had to do something about that. We wanted to mix what we have on our phone (read: Technology) and something so real like these empty plinths. We wanted it to be a AR like experience where people have to go to the Park to enjoy it. It was clear for us that a park as beautiful as Park Sanssouci needs visitors. Our first idea was we wanted it to be politically influence, like something to do with funding for renovation , etc. It was like if you open the app (we will explain it later), there will money like animation come out of the plinth. We were not really sure about this Idea, we thought it was aesthetically distracting. After that we found the article online about fives forgotten female artist deemed degenerated by the nazi. We found this article really fit with our project. We thought why we don’t use artworks for our project. A forgotten artwork comes out of the empty plinth at the Park Sanssouci.

Tech Implementation

We wanted to be like an AR experience where you use your cameraphone to capture or to see an an artificial object like they did in Pokemon Go or Ikea app. We found this Artivive App. on their website they said that Artivive is a new technology that allows artists to create new dimensions of art by linking classical with digital art. Their Technology consists of two parts, first the Artivive app - The visualization tool and second the creational tool called bridge — where you can create the digital layer. The Artivive app, the one you can download on your phone will consists just like trigger camera, so you cannot create the AR there. The whole process happens with the creational tool or the bridge.

We had to make an account to use the Artivive. if you apply as student account, you will get five free artworks.

We realized we couldn't us the upper side of the plinths because it is rather high. So we decided to use the front side. We used a scanner app on our phone to capture a 2D like photo, since you cannot use a whole plinth as a trigger. The Artivive can only work if you use a 2D object as a trigger. The bridge has two options of editing. The basic where you can choose a trigger and a file such as a picture or a video. The basic option consist only as 2D AR. It means if you trigger a picture, the AR object will come out directly at the front side of the picture. There is also a 3D/PRO option where you can move your AR object. It is much more flexible than the 2D option.

As we explained earlier, the artivive means to work with a trigger 2D picture, but we wanted to use a big trigger like the empty plinth. So our solution is to using the 3D/PRO option. With this option we can make the AR object above the plinth, so it would looks aesthetically satisfying.

Unfortunately there is just one plinth that work with the artivive. The Artivive cannot recognize other three plinth as trigger. It's because to make recognizable trigger it has to have significant details. The triggers cannot be blurry or minimalistic, since we use a front plinth as trigger we have to rely on many details of the front plinth.

Final Result

We wanted to make people to watch the experience of the project, so we made a short trailer. With this trailer we hope people can see the experience and know how to use the Artivive app. Remember all you have to do is just downloading The Artivive app.


The Empty Plinth project works well, but not as we expected to be. It's because we actually wanted to use all the four plinths there. As you can see on the video you cannot see the text we wrote there. It was the information of the painting. There is many possibilities to make the text readable for example the text has to be bigger. Since the AR object cannot be bigger than the trigger, it would look less aesthetically pleasing.

with the one and only working plinth, our plan is to change the picture every week or two or to use a video as AR object. there is many possibilities out there we can also use more relatable picture such as from many German artist and many more. with this project we are hoping it will encourage people to experience more of the Park Sanssouci and actually go to the park.


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Magdalena Kovarik Ben Egger

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