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Even though we would never give in to the notion, we all are nothing but hungry mortals. And more than philosophy, even more so than art, it’s bread that we need.
In ancient history, it was the mercy of leftover flour to decide who lived and who did not.
While humans build and destroy empires, bread laughs at us: it knows that without flour, water and yeast, we, with our secular evolution, are powerless.
There is no more need to search for God in infinity, for God is in bread.
With these photos, I wanted to breath new force and dignity to bread, from its birth as a mere ear of corn to the preparation and its final form. The purpose is to remind a generation, who isn’t hungry anymore, the importance of such a trivial product .

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Studienarbeit im Grundstudium


Prof. Wiebke Loeper Kathrin Katzek

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Wintersemester 2018 / 2019


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