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The Pokémon Go Project

If you ever played Pokémon Go, you would notice how excluded you are from things around you. You dare to walk somewhere where you’ve never been but are not aware that you miss interesting stuffs around you. A year ago i played Pokémon Go and it was a wonderful summer. The Game made me walk into places where i’ve never been before, but because i was enthusiastic to „catch“ rare pokémon. I thought it doesn’t matter how far it will take as long as i get good pokémon. Until now i don’t remember where i went. I didn’t notice how the places look, whats in there etc. so i made this concept where people who play Pokémon Go ( let’s call them the Trainer) still go outside, play Pokémon Go and still aware with the things around them.


to create a chain of interesting points (Pokéstops), to give the trainer information about historical background where the Pokéstops are and give them suggestion where they can go next, of course with a warning that they might miss something interesting if they always look to their phone.


First you need to know the Pokéstop
Pokéstops are places in Pokémon Go that allow you to collect items such as eggs or Pokéballs. Since you need Pokéballs to capture more Pokémon.
This is all of the Pokéstop in Berlin alone

Unlike Pokémon, Pokéstops never change their location. Trainers have to go to Pokéstops to resupply their Pokéballs and to get eggs. They have to be where the Pokéstops are. The trainers cannot use the same Pokéstop more than once to get Pokéballs and Eggs. If they already resupplied from one Pokéstop, they have find another Pokéstops. Thats why sometimes people end up being in places they’ve never been.
So my idea is to put QR Code where the Pokéstops are. This QR Code bring you some interesting informations about the Pokéstops and around them. Since Pokéstops are often places or points with historic background.

What QR Code bring you,
- The Background Informations about The Pokestops (historic)
- Some Suggestion about where you are, What a nice place you are in and where you can go next
- A Warning that you might miss something nice around you if you just look to your phone all the time

The tools I need to create The Pokémon Go Project
- Smartphone with Camera (since most smartphone nowadays has QR Scanner built-in)
- QR Code Generator ( )
- Tumblr ( )
- Google Maps ( to create a point where the Pokéstops are )
- Imovie ( Documentation )


I made a video of the project. I’ve chosen video because it can be well understood by readers. Hennigsdorf, Brandenburg was where the video was made. In this video you can see i used 3 different platforms such as tumblr where i put most of historical backgrounds, Google Maps to help The Trainers find the point where i put the next QR Code and Instagram to help create social interaction.

Sum up

The difficulties i found during the project,
- because i made the final project in Hennigsdorf not in Berlin. It was a little bit difficult to find interesting points/Pokestops where has enough historical background
- The size of QR Code. I wanted to make it a lot smaller than in the video but still noticeable ( probably with color )

Since numbers of The Pokémon Players are still growing although not as much as the first year, it makes the project sounds more like growing project. Of course it still needs many improvements such as historical informations and a website so it doesn’t have to use tumblr to show the content.

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